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Welcome to Admissions & Student Recruitment

The Directorate of Undergraduate Programs and Academic Records

Students are expected to register during the time specified in the Academic Calendar. Registration is not official until all procedures specified are completed and the registration transactions have been accepted and approved by the Registrar of Admissions and Records. Students shall attend only those classes for which they are registered. It is illegal to attend a class for which registration has not been done and disciplinary action will be taken against a student who may attempt such behavior.

Students are expected to do online registration using the IUTUS system. For new students, instruction and materials or a brief training on registration using the IUTUS system will be given. Each student is assigned a username and temporary password that he or she can change to log-in to the system. A student chooses the courses he or she will take in the system and forwards the transaction to his or her advisor, dean of students, finance and registrar for approval. He or she has the responsibility to check his or her transaction periodically for feedback as the officers concerned with registration usually need the input of the students to process the registration transactions.

Even though the registration is done online, a student is expected to have a dialogue with his or her academic adviser for proper academic guidance. Consultation and planning with his or her advisor should be done not only during the registration process but as often as maybe needed during his or her stay in the university. For off-campus locations, a paper registration is done if online registration is unreliable.

However, when the University is largely dependent upon charitable, public and church funds, which the University has to manage in a way, which is efficient and cost-effective, in the context of the provision of a diverse range of courses to a large number of students, the University, therefore, reserves the right to make variations to the contents or methods of delivery of courses, to discontinue courses and merge or combine courses, if such action is reasonably considered to be necessary by the University in the context of its wider purpose. If the university discontinues any course, it will use its reasonable endeavors to provide a suitable alternative.