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Admission Requirements


The vision of the Faculty of Business is to become one of the leading business schools that produce competent, well-rounded, dedicated, and highly ethical business professionals who will make a difference in the business world.


The mission of the Faculty of Business is to provide wholistic education in order to develop business professionals who will be committed to serve communities at both national and international levels". Business programs that are offered here have been designed to meet this mission in which the Faculty believes that it will prepare devoted and committed business people to contribute to the economic and social development of the society. This mission of the faculty of business is supported by its goals.


The Faculty of Business believes that God has entrusted us with gifts such as talents, wealth, powers, and ability to think and to make reasonable decisions, which should be managed and used for His glory.


The goals of the Faculty of Business are:

  1. To provide the necessary resources for a wholistic business education(human and material).
  2. To provide opportunities for practical experience in order to gain skills for business professional development.
  3. To prepare, equip, produce competent and committed business professionals.
  4. To prepare future accountants, managers/leaders for businesses, government entities, Churches, and any not-for-profit organizations at the national and international levels.
  5. To serve God and Mankind. 6. To provide business research and consultancy services.

Departmental Fieldworks and Trips

All students taking BBA program will be required to obtain 320 hours of practical experience in their areas of major. A student will be under two supervisors, the head of department or any faculty where member appointed for the purpose and internal supervisor in the working place the student is attached.

All students seeking the Diploma in Business Administration, Minor in Management or Minor in Accounting will be required to have a minimum of 180 hours of practical experience in their relevant areas. This work can be done during winter vacations in any company or organization including various fields, conferences or institutions of the SDA Church. A student, in consultation with the department head, may select an organization where he or she wishes to work. Students will be under the direct supervision of their immediate supervisor in the working place. The practical experience should be completed by the second semester of their final year. A student who will not be directly under the supervision of the Department Head, the Company Director may have to give recommendation for the work of that student to the Department Head. The student and the supervisor will fill evaluation forms, which will be used to assess the student's performance. At the conclusion of this program the student will be required to write a fieldwork report of not less than 30 pages.

All Business students are required to participate in departmental field trips as arranged by thedepartment. At the conclusion of this program, the student may be required to write a paper about the field trip. The Senate Executive Committee must approve any academic field trips or requests for other official off-campus activities for students that involve academic days. If the Senate Executive Committee approves the request, the First Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic will notify all lecturers.