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Welcome to the School of Education


The School of Education envisions to offer excellent wholistic teacher education that equips graduates with knowledge, skills, attitudes and methods needed for service in school and community.


The School of Education is committed to prepare and equip teachers with integrated skills which
will enable them to serve as teachers, consultants, researchers and counselors in the church and
society at large.


The Faculty of Education is devoted to prepare committed teachers who will continuously search for
the truth and seek for academic excellence. The department will also endeavor to guide and teach
students in harmony with God's revelation to us through nature and human revelation, experience,
prophesies, talents , scriptures and plan of salvation. In view of this the department of education will
ensure that it offers a wholistic education which trains the mental, physical, social and spiritual faculties.


The Mission, Vision and philosophy will be achieved through five strategic goals:

  1. To provide the necessary resources for a thorough and wholistic education.
  2. To provide for practical experience.
  3. To influence the church, national and international community.
  4. To serve God and mankind.
  5. To train teachers and counselors.


  1. To enable students to integrate consistent Christian values with sound teaching principles.
  2. To produce graduates of out standing moral standards whom will in turn help to lay good
    moral standards for the future generation.
  3. To prepare students to teach at secondary school and teacher training colleges.
  4. To provide students with effective teaching methods and the capacity to use various
    research methodologies in education setting.
  5. To prepare students for advanced studies.