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Exam Irregularities & Sentences

All cases of alleged examination irregularities may incur a lesser or greater penalty on a candidate found guilty, depending on the gravity of the facts or circumstances constituting an offence as the University academic Board and Senate may deem it necessary; therefore, the following is a list of examination irregularities and their possible corresponding penalties they may incur if a candidate is found guilty.

  Possession of unauthorized material in the examination hall, such as, cellular or mobile phones, radios, soft and alcoholic drinks and any other materials specified from time to time by the First Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academics, Dean of School or faculty or Head of an academic department. Confiscation of unauthorized materials and discontinued from studies  
  Causing disturbance in or near any examination hall. Discontinued forthwith from examinations and suspension for one semester  
  Destruction or falsification of any evidence of any suspected irregularity. Suspension for two semesters  
  Drinking alcohol, eating or chewing anything in examination hall. Suspension for one semester  
  Communicating with other students, either verbally or non-verbally, directly or indirectly, or endeavouring to give assistance to any other student. Suspension for two semesters  
  Removing or bringing examination answer books/sheets from or to the examination hall Suspension for two semesters  
  Permitting another student to copy from or use one's paper Suspension for two semesters  
  Borrowing or lending of materials such as calculators, rulers, correcting fluid and pens among students Suspension for one semester  
  Continuing the examination after being ordered to stop Cancellation of the concerned examination  
  Unauthorized absence from examination hall Suspension for two semesters  

Procedures for Appeals on Cases of Examination Irregularities

  1. Only a candidate found guilty of committing an examination irregularity and is aggrieved by the decision may appeal to the Senate within seven days after being informed of his/her sentence.
  2. For every appeal there is a refundable appeal fee of Tshs50,000/- if a student wins.
  3. All appeals must be presented in writing to the Chairperson of the Senate (Vice-Chancellor) via the Senate Secretary (Registrar) and Dean of respective faculty or school or department.
  4. The Senate may form a committee to be known as Senate Examination Committee. Such a committee, to which the Senate normally delegates power to act in the place of the Senate for two academic years, shall have power to summon the students and members of staff of the University, as it deems necessary and make decisions subject to confirmation by the Senate.
  5. All appeals shall be concluded before the beginning of the next academic semester.