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Welcome to the Finance Office

The Accounting and Finance Team

Fee Structure

Information on tuition rate per credit whether the class is taken for credit, non-credit, or audit, and other fees available at the Accounting and Finance Department. The University reserves the right to adjust fees during the academic year as necessitated by the undue changes in economic conditions. The fees are bound to increase each year in line with the rate of inflation.

Click Here to view AY 2016 - 2017 Fee Structure

Application Fee

When submitting application forms and other required documents, a non-refundable application fee of Tshs.25,000 for undergraduate programs and Tshs.30,000 for graduate programs is required of each applicant who is an East African citizen. For international students the application fee is US$25. Pay your application fee in the bank, and then attach the original bank slip to your application. Our account numbers are: 014103004358 NBC Arusha Branch or 01J1098742000 CRDB USA RIVER Branch.

Financial Aid

Work program is provided to enable students to work part-time. Earnings from this part-time employment are credited to the student account, while developing technical skills and good working relationships. Students may work between 10 – 20 hours per week in various departments of the university. The university is planning to set an endowment Fund to assist the worthy and needy students who qualify for the University programs.


A statement of the student's account is given to the student and another one is mailed to the parent or sponsor per semester. Charges for tuition, room, and meals are charged on the first statement of each semester. Any balance remaining unpaid on the statement should be cleared before the end of the semester to enable the student to take the final examination.


Students who withdraw from any or all classes and from the boarding section during the semester will receive the following refunds on the charges of tuition, room, and meals:

  1. 85% refund during the first and third weeks of the semester
  2. 75% refund during the fourth and fifth weeks of the semester
  3. 55% refund during the sixth and seventh weeks of the semester
  4. No refund after the seventh week except in cases of serious illness, accident or
    dismissal from school where the necessary drop procedure has been completed with the DUPAR.
    The amount of the refund in this case will be determined by the Administrative Board.

Cash Withdrawal

Once money has been deposited in the fees account, it cannot be withdrawn. Pocket money and fare
for traveling home at the end of each semester shall be handled separately and either given to the student directly by the parent or guardian or deposited in the student account. Only in emergencies can exception be made. Even in such withdrawals, parents, sponsors and guardians must give authority to the Business Office. Any credit balance after students complete their studies will be refunded to the sponsor. In case there are more than one sponsor, the First-in, First-out (FIFO) method will be used to refund the sponsor. Students' Labor credit cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances. Students may be allowed to pay less the labor credit in the student account.


Payment should be in US dollar or Tanzanian shillings. All cash deposits are made through the University of Arusha
bank account as follows:

  General Account: RDB - 01J1098742000 USA RIVER BRANCH  
  Forex Account: NBC - 014105007600 ARUSHA BRANCH  
Note: No cash will be accepted at the University of Arusha cash office. The Bank-pay-in slip
should indicate the name of the student stating that the deposited amount is for tuition and fees.