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Graduation Guidelines

Request for Graduation

Any student wishing to graduate must complete and submit a graduation application form at the time he or she registers for his or her final semester of study at the University of Arusha. On the form students will outline a program study for his or her final year showing that all requirements may be met by the proposed graduation date. The outline must be approved by the student's Academic Advisor, Department Chairperson, his or her Dean of school and the Registrar and will be filed in the students' file. No changes may be made without the approval of the Academic Advisor, Department Chairperson, Dean of Faculty or School and Registrar.

Requirements for Graduation

  1. A Major or Concentration.
  2. Cognates: If specified in the requirements of the student's major department.
  3. Minor: If required by the student's major department.
  4. General Studies Requirement: General Studies Requirement as in this bulletin.
  5. Electives: if, after having taken all required classes a student still has less than a minimum of 120 credit hours, elective courses are chosen from any area to fill out the minimum 120-hour total.
  6. A transferred student must take all "upper division courses" from the University.
  7. Having taken resident upper courses amounting to not less than 40 credits from the University.
  8. GPA requirements will be as follows:
    • a. Grades of less than C will not apply
    • b. A GPA of 2.25 is required for a Major and concentration area of study
    • c. A GPA of 2.00 is required for Minors and Cognates
    • d. A cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required on a student's total credit hours to graduate

Residence Requirements for Graduation

A student transferring from another accredited and recognized institution to UoA must take from the University of Arusha all upper division courses of the third year. In addition to receiving translated transfer credits, the candidate should meet other academic course requirements.

Participation in Graduation Exercises

Before a student may participate in the graduation exercise and receive his or her degree certificate, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Must have completed all relevant requirements for the degree.
  2. Must have official transcripts of any transfer credit, including correspondence work in the office of the Registrar at least one month prior to the intended date of graduation.
  3. Must have been given financial clearance by the business office.
  4. Must have been given academic clearance by Department, and Faculty or School Board of Examiners.
  5. Must have been cleared by the office of the Dean of Students.

Graduation in Absentia

All students graduating from the University of Arusha are expected to attend graduation ceremony unless granted specific permission to graduate in absentia by the Senate or any other committee appointed by it on that behalf. Permission should be sought at least two months before the graduation date, graduation fee will be charged.

Graduation With Honors

A student is graduated with academic distinction if the following conditions are met:

  1. At least 80 quarter credits with traditional letter grades earned in residence.
  2. A cumulative GPA of:
    • a. 5.0 – 4.4: Summa cum Laude (golden sash to be worn on graduation day)
    • b. 4.30 – 3.50: Magna Cum Laude (silver sash to be worn on graduation day)
    • c. 3.40 – 2:70: Cum Laude (bronze sash to be worn on graduation day)

Degree Candidacy

The University of Arusha, may grant more than one baccalaureate degree to an individual. However, a student may qualify for only one degree at a time and not more than one degree can be conferred on any student on a given day. When a student returns after graduation with one degree to complete another major or degree, he or she may graduate with that major or degree as follows:

  1. All individuals seeking subsequent bachelor's degree(s) must apply and obtain approval of the Senate.
  2. All requirements for subsequent bachelor's degree being sought are fulfilled.
  3. Credits earned in General Education Requirements may apply for Academic subsequent bachelor's degree (s).
  4. Electives earned in previous Bachelor's degree will not apply in subsequent Bachelor's degree (s).