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Admission Requirements

Certificate Program

The applicant should have at least four passes at ordinary level.

Diploma Program

  1. At least one principal pass and one subsidiary at advanced level (form VI) with a total 1.5 points where by
    A= 5, B= 4, C= 3, E= 1, S= 0.5. F= 0
  2. At least Four passes (D) at ordinary level and have obtained an average of B in a certificate from a recognized institution.

Bachelor's Degree Program

Pastoral and religious teacher professions are highly regarded as sacred professions entered upon through special call from above. Therefore, admission to Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies is not only based on academic qualifications but also on moral and spiritual standards. On this basis, applicants are required to submit to the Directorate of Undergraduate Programs and Academic Records letters of recommendation from their respective local churches/pastors and fields/conferences/ synods/diocese upon arrival for registration.

Applicants are admitted to the undergraduate degree program by following either of the two pathways:

  1. Direct Entry—The applicant must have at least two principal passes in any subjects in Form VI examinations.
  2. Equivalent Entry — The applicant must have an average of a B grade in their Diploma in Theology from the University of Arusha, or a diploma in any field from an institution that is recognised by the government.