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Week of Prayer

The academic year 2011-2012 kicked off with a Week of Prayer sponsored by the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies. Pastor Jules Lumbu, Dean of the Theology Department, gave a Voice of Prophecy sermon series entitled "Seeing the Hand of God." The weeklong service, which ran from November 6 to 13, was held at the University of Arusha campus chapel and attended by around 400 to 500 students every meeting. At the end of the sermon series five students gave their hearts to Jesus. These studuents are now preparing for baptism and are studying the Voice of Prophecy lessons under the guidance of the department. Below is the outline of the sermons given by Pastor Lumbu.

  Sunday Alone, Standing Alone?  
    Satisfied? Are You Sure?  
  Tuesday You Need to Know the Time  
    The Great Legacy  
  Wednesday Still Standing - Part 1  
    Still Standing - Part 2  
  Thursday Your Service at UofA - Part 1  
    Your Service at UofA - Part 2  
  Friday Your Service at UofA - Part 3  
    What is a Man?  
  Sabbath Morning Eutychus