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Dean of theology
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Faculty of Theology


“To become the leading theological and religious faculty preparing learners for quality service.”


“To equip learners with theological, religious and ministerial skills in order to empower them to offer excellent and effective service to God and humanity by applying sound biblical principles.”


The Faculty believes that God is the centre of true education and everlasting gospel (three angels’ message) which are in harmony with biblical principles. Therefore, the faculty is committed to enable learners to communicate and practice wholistic Christ centered ministry that is rooted in the Scriptures.


  1. To provide resources to enable delivery of theological, pastoral and religious education.
  2. To expose learners to the study and interpretation of the scriptures by using historical-grammatical hermeneutical methodology.
  3. To provide consultancy services within the church and the community.
  4. To instill Christocentric moral values to learners.
  5. To guide learners to attain pastoral, evangelistic and teaching skills needed in order to become competent and committed workers.
  6. To foster spiritual, academic, and professional development of the faculty and learners.
  7. To develop and maintain a friendly learning environment between the faculty and the students