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About Us

Our Vision

A Christian university that exists for excellence in wholistic education, professional development, research and consultancy services.

Our Mission

To provide an accessible and affordable wholistic education which will empower individuals to continue learning and serving the church, the nation, and international communities.

Our Philosophy

To meet the intellectual, physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of students in order that their educational experience will prepare them for service to the glory of God and their fellow men here, as well as for a life of greater service in the hereafter.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the University of Arusha are as follows:

  1. To assist in the formation of a noble Christian character by placing emphasis on the spiritual values of life.
  2. To provide an environment conducive to consistent Christian living.
  3. To develop habits of accuracy, discrimination and sound judgment in thinking and acting.
  4. To cultivate a sense of civic responsibility and loyal citizenship.
  5. To give an intellectual and practical experience which will make each student resourceful, confident, and well-qualified to meet the realities of life.
  6. To stimulate an appreciation of the best in books, in nature, in music, and in social and recreational activities.
  7. To help students to develop desirable personalities and to discover capabilities, aptitudes, and interests latent within themselves.
  8. To provide opportunities for the development of the physical nature through education and practice.