Accounting Department

To become the leading accounting department that produces competent, well,-rounded, dedicated, and highly ethical business professionals who will make a difference in the business world.

To provide wholistic education in order to develop business professionals who will be commited to serve communities at both national and international levels.

The Accounting Department believes that God has entrusted us with gifts such as talents, wealth, powers and ability to think and to make reasonable decisions, which should be managed and used for His glory.

The Accounting Department has six goals
  1. To provide the necessary resources for a wholistic business education (human and material).
  2. To provide opportunities for practical experience in order to gain skills for business professional development.
  3. To prepare, equip, produce competent and commited business professionals.
  4. To prepare future accountants, managers/leaders for business, government entities, churches, and any not-for-profit organizations at the national and international levels.
  5. To serve God and mankind.
  6. To provide business research and consultancy services.

The VC Welcomes You

Greetings and welcome to the University of Arusha.

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this great institution of higher learning situated in Arusha, Tanzania I would like to say “Karibu Sana” in our sweetest Swahili language to all who are waiting diligently to be a part of us.