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The univeristy of Arusha is an institution of higher learning operated under the Seventh-Day Adventist philosophy (Wholistic Education) and policy to meet its mission locally and internationally. It was established in 1970 as a ministerial training institution for the SDA church workers, then uppgraded to a college status in 1978 (Tanzania Adventist Seminary and College). in 1994 TAC was affiliated to Griggs University, the transformation into a University began in 2003 where it was granted a Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) by HEAC now TCU the Tanzania Commission for Universities.
In 2004 the University received a certificate of Provisional Registration No 16 then became fully accredited by TCU as a graduate University. In 2009 the University of Arusha submitted the first four graduate programs to the TCU for accredition in education and business. See the different programs by clicking the different options in the Programs menu.
To Provide an accessible and affordable wholistic education that empowers individuals to continue learning while serving the church, the nation and international communities
To be a Christian University that exists for excellence in wholistic education, professional development, research and consultancy services.
To meet the intellectual, physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of students in order that their educational experience will prepare them for service to the glory of God and humanity here, as wellas for a life of greater service in the hereafter.

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You can reach us through the following contacts for more information about the University and the admission process


Phone: +256
Email: associateregisrar@uoa.ac.tz

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The VC Welcomes You

Greetings and welcome to the University of Arusha.

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this great institution of higher learning situated in Arusha, Tanzania I would like to say “Karibu Sana” in our sweetest Swahili language to all who are waiting diligently to be a part of us.