Degree Programs – Direct Entry

Two (2) principal passes with a total of at least
4.0 points

Degree Programs – Equivalent Entry

  • At least four O-Level passes (D’s and above) or National Vocation Awards (NVA) Level III with less than four O-Level passes, or equivalent foreign qualifications as established by either NACTE, NECTA or VETA; and
    At least a GPA of 3.0 for Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 6); or
  • Average of C for Full Technician Certificate (FTC) (where A=5, B=4, C=3, and D=2 points); or
  • Average of ‘B’ Grade for Diploma in Teacher Education; or
  • A Distinction for unclassified diplomas and certificates. or
  • Upper Second Class for classified non-NTA diplomas.

Foundation Program Holders

Holders of a foundation Program from the Open University of Tanzania (OUT) with the GPA of 3.0 from the respective 6 core subjects and at least a C grade from each of the three subjects in a respective cluster (arts, science, or Business studies).

Non-Degree Programs

  • Certificate applicant should have at least four passes (D’s) or 3 credits at “O” level
  • Diploma Applicants should have a Basic Technician certificate (NTA 4) OR At least one principal pass (E) and one subsidiary (S) at advanced level (form VI) for old grading system. Or one pass (D) and one (E) for new grading system or 3 credits.

Graduate Studies

Postgraduate Diploma

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