Current Issues

Volume 2, Issue 1

Published: Dec , 2023



The University of Arusha Academic Journal (UoAAJ) is a multi-disciplinary journal published by the University of Arusha (UoA), Arusha, Tanzania. It is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes full length research, short communication, review, perspective and editorial in the fields of Theology and Religion, Education, Business Studies, Natural and Medical Sciences, and other related disciplines.

Focus and Scope

The principal focus of the UoAAJ is to publish scholarly work on a wide range of development issues and share knowledge with a wide audience. All published articles are available in print and electronic versions. All journals are available for free download online. The UoAAJ publishes scholarly articles in a wide range of academic fields, including Theology and Religion, Education, Social Sciences, Economics, the Humanities, Management, Computer and Information Communication Technology (ICT), Business, Natural, and Medical Sciences.

The University of Arusha Academic Journal (UoAAJ) is a peer-reviewed journal whose main aim is to disseminate information resulting from the research work of political, Social-economic, Natural Scientists and other related areas. The journal is produced in English but in future, abstracts will be produced in both English and Kiswahili. The UoAAJ welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the general criteria of significance and academic excellence from both local and international contributors. 


In-House/Internal Editorial Team

  1. Prof. Patrick Manu (Education and Management);
  2. Prof. Pearson Mnkeni (Natural Science);
  3. Dr. Elifelet Azaliwa (Social Sciences & Education);
  4. Dr. Msafiri Allen (Business);
  5. Dr. Baraka Ngussa (Theology & Education);
  6. Dr. Mussa Muneja (Theology);
  7. Dr. Joshua Kuboja (Language & Education); 
  8. Dr. Mashauri Mjema(Education); and
  9. Dr. Vitus  Ndaruhekeye(Theology).

Editor in Chief

Prof. Kitojo Wetengere

 Associate Editor

Editorial Board

  1. Prof. Patrick Manu (Education)
  2. Prof. Pearson Mnkeni (Natural Science)
  3. Prof. Kitojo Wetengere (Economics)
  4. Prof. Elifas Bisanda (Natural Science)
  5. Prof. Malago (Natural Science)

Address all submissions to:

The Editor in Chief, The University of Arusha Academic Journal (UoAAJ), University of Arusha (UoA),

Publication Frequency

The journal is published biannually, that is, two times a year (end of June and December) and will increase its frequency of publication to quarterly based on demand and gained experience. In some cases, arrangements will be made for special issues.