PEDAGOGY OF THE OPPRESSED (A Revisit of Freire’s Thesis Vis-à-Vis Adventist System of Education)

Patrick Manu


oct, 2023


Dec , 2023


Dec , 2023


The development of any country, society, or community depends upon the system of education that the people go through to prepare themselves to take up various responsibilities. A faulty educational system or an ideal one has consequences on the economic, social, and political systems of that entity, be it a country, society, or community. One person who was interested in studying this trend was Paulo Freire, an educationist from Brazil. Freire’s study was based on an educational pedagogy that oppresses or liberates those involved in the teaching-learning process. An examination of both, the pedagogy to oppress or to liberate permeates many systems of education in the world. This paper revisits Freire’s thesis entitled, “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”, and examines how some of these ideas are in line with the Seventh-day Adventist system of education.
Key Words: Pedagogy, banking concept, problem-posing concept, oppressor, oppressed.


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